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nova versão: 0.6E

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nova versão: 0.6E Empty nova versão: 0.6E

Mensagem por Pino Dom 09 Dez 2012, 13:19

Dear LFS Racers,

We have released a new version of LFS with a much improved multiplayer system.
While using the same physics as 0.6B, it provides a much smoother, more reliable and interactive online experience.
In previous versions there were often delays and lags on busy servers, but the new one works in a completely different way.
We are still working on the new tyre physics and additional content, but had to take some time out from that because some hackers found a way to go online with no user name.

Some new things in 0.6E :

- New "instant" join system for fast and reliable connection
- No delays to others caused by players with slow connections
- New packet buffering and storage system reduces server load
- New hacking protection and cheat detection systems
- Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
- Various other fixes and improvements

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